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Q.    Is your system hard to set up like some?
A.    No with the A section just swing the legs down and mount the four support braces using the 2 1/2 x 5/16 bolts included with your favorite wrench or ratchet.

Q.    Is your system strong enough to stand on in case I need to work on the wall?
A.    Sure you and a friend. This can be done by the bridge like braces transferring the weight to the legs, making Benchridge one of the strongest on the market.

Q.    Is shipping high?
A.    Sorry to say, shipping cost is high on everything. As you know, fuel costs are driving this up. That's why Benchridge has kept their prices down. We hope that will offset shipping and help you get your dream railroad up and going.

Q.    How's come your price/parts list is so short? Will I get everything I need.
A.    Keep it simple and sweet!
        With Benchridge our section combinations will accommodate almost any size you may need. When you buy a section, it comes complete. We also offer custom sections for an unusual room or situation you may run into.

Q.    Do I have to bolt to the wall so it won't rock or sway?
A.    Great question No Benchridge stands alone. With bridge-like bracing, each legged section will stand solid by it's self.

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