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The original few sections were built over 8 years ago, to be used for fast and strong portable benchwork that could be used for clinics, to show how to make scenery. People loved the scenery clinics and also loved the benchwork. They said. “Wish you had a whole layout so I could get started.”

I started asking what people wanted. Their answers – strong but light – easy and fast to set up – simple as few pieces as possible so I can see what I need quickly – a fair price.

A few changes from the original and Benchridge Benchworks was formed. All the things people wanted and a few more that makes Benchridge the layout benchwork provider for you.

Thank you.

Your new benchwork is made from construction grade pine, sanded and true drilled for interchangeability. All joints are glued using commercial grade construction adhesive, then screwed together.

5/16-18 T-nuts with proper bolts are used on everything for assembly and mounting other sections together. No screws are needed for assembly. All legs are adjustable using 3/8-16 bolts threaded up into T-nuts. This gives 1 1/4” adjustment for leveling. With different legs available, you can set your layout from 36” to 48”. 40” comes standard.

When adding a new section to the layout, you will simply need to change bolt length to a longer size at the mounting location and add the T-nut where needed.

The same goes for adding the “CF” 45 degree corner brace.

Just one size wrench or socket is needed and your new benchwork is ready. Now wasn't that E-Z.

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